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Our internationally renowned Carbon Hydrogen Nitrogen (CHN) microanalysis service also has many environmental applications.
Driven by increasing governmental legislation – monitoring of contamination of air, land and water samples now needs to be undertaken by any organisation producing emissions. These monitoring processes are important for assessing the risk that human activities pose to the natural environment. The analysis of material retained on filters used in water filtration and air monitoring applications can be precisely determined using a CHN microanalysis system. The analysis of water filters is frequently used for the analysis of river water particulates and oceanographic monitoring.
Air applications that have benefited from CHN microanalysis include the monitoring of filters taken from workplace environments and also flue stack emissions monitoring.
The disposal of waste materials is today a key environmental issue in many developed countries as designated landfill sites are becoming increasingly full to capacity. CHN microanalysis systems offer a ready means of directly determining the Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen content in waste materials. As a consequence – CHN microanalysis can provide a measure of the value of these waste materials as fuel stock in conjunction with Gross Calorific Value.

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Application Notes
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Analytical Service Notes
• Analysis of Carbon, Hydrogen & Nitrogen (CHN) in organic materials

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Environmental Analysis