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Inductively Coupled Plasma – Optical Emission Spectroscopy

3-dayWe have flexible scope under our ISO 17025 accreditation for analysis carried out by ICP.

Determination of Trace Metals in organic materials
The determination of many elements can be carried out using ICP-OES analysis. Inductively coupled plasma – optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) is the measurement of the light emitted by the elements in the sample introduced into the ICP source…

Qualitative ICP Scan of up to 67 elements
WAS offers an analytical service for customers to obtain a qualitative determination of the elements present in their samples. The simultaneous determination of many elements can be carried out using ICP-OES analysis. The WAS ICP-OES ‘Look & See Scan Service’ provides detection of up to 67 elements in a single cost effective measurement.

New Semi-Quantitative ICP Scan of up to 67 elements
WAS now offers a Semi-Quantitative determination of elements present in customer’s samples. The WAS ICP-OES “Semi-Quantitative Scan Service” detects up to 67 elements down to a level of 1ppm in a single cost effective measurement.

Limit test for heavy metal impurities in organic samples
The limit test for heavy metals is a qualitative test that demonstrates that the content of metallic impurities that are coloured by sulphide ion does not exceed the limit specified in the US Pharmacopeia 231 and European Pharmacopeia 2.4.8…

Why use Warwick Analytical Service for ICP-OES Analysis?
♦ ICP-OES run according to UKAS accredited procedures ISO 17025.
♦ WAS use a Dual-view ICP-OES spectrometer allowing precise measurement over the widest range of concentrations.
♦ Highest quality ICP-OES data achieved using internal standard and 0.999 or better linear calibration fit.
♦ Instrumental detection limits down to low part per billion for many elements.
♦ Enhanced ICP-OES conditions enables low wavelength S and P analysis.
♦ Microwave digestion enables ICP-OES analysis of complex materials.
♦ Standard service – 5 working days, faster turnaround available upon request.
♦ Discounts available on larger batches.
♦ Low cost ‘look and see Qualitative Scan’ provides a snapshot of many elements
♦ All samples routinely run at multiple wavelengths to identify any potential interference problems that could affect data quality.

For quickest response, please download and send us an Analytical Data Form with each quotation request.
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Inductively Coupled Plasma