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Trace metal analysis by ICP-OES is a key tool in environmental monitoring.
This analysis is extremely useful for organisations monitoring the content of effluent produced from manufacturing processes. Heavy metals in particular are often monitored in effluent samples.
Heavy metals analysis is a key area in which ICP-OES is an invaluable tool for environmental analysis. These elements are typically toxic at very low concentrations (ppb level) and are continuously introduced into the environment by human activities such as industry, agriculture and waste disposal.
WAS is also able to test for low levels of Sulfur* by ICP-OES. The measurement of Sulfur compounds in waste water is extremely important. Toxic compounds such as hydrogen Sulfide and mercaptans are a hazard to human health. Sulfur substances can cause neurological effects, heart damage, reproductive failure and damage to kidney and liver functions.
*Sulfur by ICP-OES is not currently covered by ISO 17025 accreditation.

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Application Notes
• Determination of Heavy Metals in Environmental samples
• Preparation methodology for producing reproducible ICP data from environmental waste samples
• Monitoring Sulfur levels in Fuel Oil samples by ICP-OES

Analytical Service Notes
• Determination of Trace metals in organic materials
• Determination of Sulfur in organic and inorganic materials
• Qualitative ICP Scan of up to 67 elements

• A New ICP Methodology to Determine Trace Heavy Metals

Press Releases
Rapid Analysis of the Sulfur Content of Inorganic & Organic Samples
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