Exeter Analytical is a company dedicated to elemental analysis. We manufacture and sell the CE440 CHN/O/S Elemental Analyser with its unique horizontal furnace design. We believe the system to be the most accurate and precise available on the market today, with the widest range of sample applications. This is precisely the reason why the CE440 is so widely regarded as the industry standard for CHN analysis.

In addition to the manufacturing of analytical instrumentation Exeter Analytical also provides a analytical facility called Warwick Analytical Service that specialises in elemental analysis. Please look under elemental analysis section. This enables Exeter analytical to offer unsurpassed application support as well as a free CHN analysis service to all of our customers. We have extensive knowledge across a broad cross section of elemental analysis and are always happy to offer free applications support to all of our customers.

Exeter Analytical holds full ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 accreditation and can provide provide work to GMP compliance.

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Introduction to Warwick Analytical Service.

CHN Determination

Determination of Organics in Soils, Sediment & Fossil Fuels...

The Model 440 CHN Analyzer from Exeter Analytical Inc. has been shown to provide precise determination of the organic content in geological samples including soils, sediment and fossil fuels.

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Analytical Breakdown Cover Service...

Warwick Analytical Service, a division of Exeter Analytical, has launched an analytical breakdown service to provide operational cover for labs using elemental analysis equipment.

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No-Compromise CHN Microanalysis System...

Competitively priced, the Manual Model 440 CHN Microanalysis System from Exeter Analytical Inc. offers labs running smaller numbers of samples a no-compromise entry point into high performance CHN analysis.

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