CE440 Elemental Analyser


Accuracy: With standard organic compounds, ±0.15% absolute plus ±0.15% relative
Sample Size: Typically 1-5 mg; up to 500 mg for samples with low carbon content
Analysis Time: Less than 5 minutes for CHN
Controller: XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows10
Automation: 64 sample carousel, OR, single sample with ability to re-weigh for ash
Range: 100 ppm to 100%
Detector: Thermal conductivity
System Sensitivity: ±1 microvolt
Analytical Sensitivity: Less than 1 microgram
Power: 110/220 V, 60/50 Hz, 10 amp, single phase
Weight: 57kg
Dimensions: 81cm x 71cm x 33cm
Bottled Gases Required: Helium/Oxygen 99.995% purity