Over 25 years ago Warwick Analytical Services was founded in the United Kingdom. We have gradually developed our systems and surpassed our expectations in combining with Exeter Analytical Incorporated (USA) to form our European division, Exeter Analytical UK Ltd.



Exeter Analytical specialises in the manufacturing and sale of elemental analysers. The CE440 CHN/O/S Elemental analyser with its unique horizontal furnace is known for its accuracy, precision and wide range of sample applications; precisely the reason why the CE440 is widely regarded as the industry standard for CHN analysis. By building a relationship with our customers we are able to offer unmatched application support. We like to put our customers first by offering free CHN analysis service should their instrument be out of use for greater than 48 hours.

If you don’t have a CE440 Elemental analyser, we sell a full range of consumable items for the majority of instruments on the market today.

We also provide elemental analysis to a range of industries from pharmaceutical to environmental. With UKAS ISO17025 and BSI ISO9001 accreditation we consider ourselves leaders in quality control testing with extensive knowledge across a broad range of elemental analysis. We have an ongoing program to bring more of our techniques under this demanding accreditation.

Exeter Analytical BuildingFrom a dedicated facility in Coventry we can offer a wide range of analytical techniques which can be extended to our approved service providers. If the technique you require is not listed please enquire, we are here to help.