CE440 Elemental Analyser


The CE440 is capable of analysing a very wide range of sample types due to our unique horizontal injection, static and dynamic combustion, and optimized detector design.

Organics and Pharmaceuticals – The CE440 can analyse virtually any class of organics, including organometallics, heterocyclic nitrogen derivatives, steroids, polynuclear aromatics, and organophosphorous.

Environmental – Analyse the effects of fuels, oils, and their by-products on the environment, or study the composition of material retained by membranes used in oceanography, water filtration, and air monitoring.

Polymers – The CE440 provides a fast, direct method for determining elemental composition of polymers, copolymers, and blends. Even samples with high levels of halogens, like PVC or Teflon®, can be analysed rapidly and accurately.

Refractories – Nitrides, graphite fibres, and ceramics are easily analysed – even carbides with melting points over 2000°C.

Volatile/Air Sensitive Samples – Volatile and air sensitive materials are easily analysed using our capsule sealing device.

Other Application Areas: Plastics, petrochemicals, agriculture, food, and pyrotechnical compounds.