Iodine Analysis

Our procedure uses Leipert’s method for the analysis of Iodine. An accurately weighed sample containing greater than 2mg of Iodine is transferred into a paper boat which is then held in a platinum gauze basket. The sample is combusted in an Oxygen flask and the products formed are absorbed into an alkaline solution. After standing, an excess of Bromine in Acetic Acid is added to convert Iodine to Iodate.

Formic Acid is then added to destroy the excess Bromine. The flask and stopper are rinsed down with water as the bromine vapour disperses. The solution is acidified with dilute sulphuric acid along with an excess of potassium Iodide and it is left to cool in the fridge. The liberated Iodine is then titrated with Sodium Thiosulphate using a starch indicator.

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