Oxygen Flask Combustion for the determination of halogens and sulphur consists of a combustion procedure followed by appropriate titrimetric determination. The sample is weighed into our unique paper flags and combusted in the presence of oxygen. This process yields the sample into a gaseous form which is then immersed into the absorbent ready for titration.

Exeter Analytical has fully developed UKAS accredited methods to account for interferences in various samples deeming our processes accurate and precise. OFC methods can be used together with CHN analysis to provide a quick and effective method to determine sample purity. In conjunction with mass spectrometry and NMR, data can be used to characterise the compound.

IodineUsing the Hypochlorite Amplification method our in-house Bromine analysis has been developed to analyse a wide range of samples at high and low percentage levels. With modifications for interfering elements our method allows exact analysis of Bromine in the most complex samples such as polymers.

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