Optical Rotation

Optical Rotation is measured on a Perkin Elmer 341 Polarimeter. This high-resolution instrument has an accuracy of ±0.0020. The rotation can be measured at 5 wavelengths, 589nm, 578nm, 546nm, 436nm and 365nm and the Polarimeter cell is temperature controlled with a Peltier unit, normally operated at 25°C.

Important applications include:
Characterisation of newly synthesised compounds
Quality control, especially of pharmacological substances which may depend on their enantiomeric purity.

We are able to offer a fast service for specific rotation. Use of an ultra micro balance combined with a 100mm micro cell allows accurate measurement with only 2ml of solution.

Sample Requirements: Typically 2-30mg per analysis.
Other Requirements: Required concentration, solvent and temperature.

For quickest response, please download and send us an Analytical Data Form with each quotation request.
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This technique is not accredited to UKAS ISO 17025