CE440 Elemental Analyser

Available Options

In addition to the automatic sample changer, Exeter Analytical, Inc. offers several other accessories to customise your system for your particular requirement.

Manual operation – This is the lowest cost option for customers only wishing to analyse lower numbers of samples. This reduces instrument cost by approximately 20%. The instrument can be upgraded at a later date to enable fully unattended running when you have sufficient samples to justify the option.

Capsule Sealer – This device ensures sample integrity by making a cold weld of the sample capsules. Analysing highly volatile samples such as gasoline and oils becomes routine.

Refractory Materials Kit – This kit contains fluxes and special sleeves for the combustion of difficult samples requiring rigorous conditions for extracting carbon and nitrogen.

Exeter Analytical is a company specialising in the manufacture of elemental analysers. We can provide support and advise on all application areas and we run a CHN/O/S application laboratory to assist you in getting the best results on your samples.