Environmental Services


Environmental Analysis

Driven by increasing governmental legislation – monitoring of contamination of air, land and water samples now needs to be undertaken by any responsible organisation producing waste and/or emissions. These monitoring processes are important not only for legislative compliance but also for assessing the risk that human activities pose to the natural environment.
However direct investment in the analytical equipment and skilled knowledgeable staff to undertake such environmental analyses may be beyond what some organisations wish to spend. In response to this need – a number of laboratory analytical service companies now offer contract based services for analysis of environmental samples. However not all laboratory analytical service companies are the same.
For over 10 years – Warwick Analytical Service (WAS) has been providing a suite of high quality laboratory analytical services for analysis of solid, liquid and airborne environmental samples from their well-equipped facilities at the University of Warwick Science Park (Coventry, UK). In 2005 – WAS demonstrated its commitment to data quality by obtaining UKAS accreditation (ISO 17025). The well trained, knowledgeable staff at WAS continually strive to meet the high standards which this accreditation demands. As a consequence – WAS has built a reputation for providing the highest quality, most reliable data that you can rely upon – backed by friendly, responsive staff.
Three key environmental analysis techniques that WAS offers as laboratory analytical services are Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) optical emission spectroscopy; Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen (CHN) microanalysis and halogen analysis.
Environmental Analysis