For over 25 years – Exeter Analytical has supplied and supported its CHN elemental analysers to laboratories focused on environmental analysis worldwide. The depth of knowledge that Exeter Analytical has built up to enable optimised CHN determination in applications involving water and air filtration, marine sediment, soil, geological samples and waste materials is unparalleled.

In addition to this in-depth knowledge base – why do so many laboratories choose the Exeter Analytical CE440 Elemental Analyser for environmental applications? Quite simply it is because of its unique horizontal furnace design that offers significant advantages for analysing different types of environmental type samples.

The Exeter Analytical CE440 is a static combustion CHN elemental analyser, with a unique horizontal furnace design, which enables easy removal of filter and sample ash between each analysis. Consequently one combustion tube will analyse in excess of 1000 samples without the need for removal and cleaning. In addition the CE440 provides the capacity to process filters up to 47 mm in diameter in one analytical cycle. By comparison other elemental analysers, employing vertical furnace designs, need cleaning after as little as 20 samples and larger filters have to be sub-sampled several times and then corrective calculations made to enable analysis. Effectively eliminating troublesome residue build-up the gas flow characteristics of the CE440 analyser are superior to other elemental analysers thereby providing longer-term calibration stability as well as enhanced accuracy and precision for measured sample data.

As the Exeter Analytical CE440 provides complete control over combustion parameters it is able to reproducibly achieve 100% combustion with the widest range of environmental sample types.

Environmental Monitoring