Specialist Analytical ServicesWarwick Analytical Service (WAS) reports on specialist analytical services it has been providing to Normet (UK) Ltd., a leading international developer and supplier of equipment and chemicals for underground mining and tunnel construction.

As part of Normet’s mission to deliver quality construction chemicals all of its products undergo thorough quality tests. In the drive to attain CE marking status for their products – Normet were faced with the choice of purchasing new equipment for their extensive laboratories to conduct further tests or to employ the services of an external analytical services laboratory.

Mrs Claire Forster, Normet Regulatory & Quality Manager commented “Our selection process to find an external analytical services laboratory was rigorous. Beyond requiring the tests to be done within an accredited environment we sought a partner prepared to learn about our requirements and able to provide a quality service for alkali testing, non-volatiles determination, Chlorine analysis, IR analysis, ash content determination and Mass Spectroscopic analysis”.

Mrs Forster added “The response time to our queries has been excellent. From their ISO 17025 certified facility – WAS have sometimes undertaken new tests which were not part of their normal schedule. This level of flexibility is fantastic as it means we can view WAS as an external resource to our laboratories. With regards to cost we find WAS competitive but more important to us the turnaround time is very quick which is crucial. Overall we have achieved cost savings by not having to invest in the equipment required for some of the tests. As the tests are only done annually, it was not cost effective for us to purchase all the equipment required. We have a shorter turnaround time for reporting our results to our customers, due to the effectiveness of WAS”.

For further information on analytical services for the construction industry please contact Warwick Analytical Service on +44 2476 323 223 or email info@warwickanalytical.co.uk. For further information on the products and services provided by Normet please visit www.normet.com(/a>.