CE440 Detail imageSpecialists in CHN Microanalysis – Exeter Analytical are celebrating the 21st anniversary of opening their European headquarters in the UK.

Started in 1994 by the present European Manager (Paul Hemming) – Exeter Analytical (UK) Ltd is today a leading supplier of CHN microanalysis instruments, consumables and supplies to universities and government research labs as well as pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, agricultural and waste reclamation organisations.

Mr Hemming commented “As a company dedicated to CHN microanalysis our expertise and experience with instruments, consumables and supplies allows us to better understand the issues facing microanalysts. As a consequence the wide array of labs using Exeter Analytical CHN microanalysis systems benefit from free expert technical / applications advice and unmatched service support” He added “Pleasingly several of our most recent sales are from customers who last purchased from us 15-20 years ago and have decided to replace their old system with a new Exeter Analytical analyser”.

Exeter Analytical is a company dedicated to elemental analysis. The company manufactures the Model 440 CHN/O/S elemental analyser which benefits from a unique horizontal furnace design. In independent tests the system has been shown to be the most accurate and precise available on the market today, with as a consequence the widest range of sample applications.

For further information please contact Exeter Analytical in Europe on +44-2476-323223 / email info@exeteranalytical.co.uk.