Food and Healthcare

During the years, food and healthcare protection from potentially harmful contaminants has become a major topic of interest. Many organisations have put regulatory standards in place to maintain and avoid such harmful contaminants coming into contact with consumers. These contaminants may enter the process by pollution, environmental contamination, from active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), bulking agents (stabilisers, binders, colours, flavours, coatings and so on), metal catalysts and reagents used during synthesis and the process vessels used in manufacturing. Here is when the analysis of these impurities becomes vital in monitoring and controlling the presence of trace metals.

Our experienced analysts are ready to offer their expertise and knowledge in metals testing for your food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutrition. Whether its research and development, the initial batch making or quality testing we can help get you results where safety is crucial. We can analyse virtually any class of organics, including: organometallics, heterocyclic nitrogen derivatives, steroids, polynuclear aromatics and organo-phosphorous.

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